March 29, 2014

Concert #240 - Nanci Griffith, Guy Clark & Rodney Crowell at the Cerritos Center for the Performing Arts (March 3, 2001)

Advertised as the "Newport Folk Festival" and featuring only three performers - Nanci Griffith, Rodney Crowell and Guy Clark - this event was a far cry from the memorable spectacle of the same name that took place at the Greek Theater in 1998. Which is not to say the this concert was not good, because it was. I went to the show with my Better Half, we had decent seats. 

Rodney Crowell kicked off the proceedings with a set that drew primarily from "The Houston Kid", his well-received then-current album. With songs as good as "I Wish It Would Rain", his set screamed quality.

Rodney Crowell
Guy Clark's set was equally good. The song that impressed me the most was "Texas Cookin'". He was accompanied by songwriter and guitarist Vernon Thompson.

Guy Clark
After the intermission, it was Nanci Griffith's turn to take the stage. Accompanied by the Blue Moon Orchestra, she delivered the longest set of the evening. Trouble is, I don't remember any of the songs she sang. At different times, both Rodney and Guy came out to sing with Nanci. 

Nanci Griffith
Overall, it was an enjoyable evening, albeit not an unforgettable one.

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