December 4, 2016

Concert #787 - Chuck Prophet & Stephanie Finch at McCabe's Guitar Shop (November 19, 2016)

This was my second encounter with Chuck Prophet and Stephanie Finch, two exceptionally likeable musicians who also happen to be married to each other. Unlike in 2014, when I first saw them, Chuck and Stephanie came out as a duo, without any additional instrumentalists and with Stephanie playing a far more prominent role. Their music, written mostly by Chuck but also by Stephanie, was instantly accessible and thoroughly enjoyable, even to those unfamiliar with their songs.

Chuck made good use of a second microphone that produced special vocal effects, quite often with comedic results.Overall, the show can be described as pure joy, with mostly uptempo songs, lots of humor and great musicianship.

The show had plenty of highlights, among them "Wish Me Luck", "Little Boy, Little Girl" and especially "Don't Back Out Now". Come to think of it, the set list consisted of nothing but keepers.

Chuck Prophet at McCabe's
Chuck Prophet & Stephanie Finch at McCabe's
Chuck Prophet at McCabe's
Stephanie Finch at McCabe's

The set list
Chuck & Stephanie at the end of the show
The stage

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