May 18, 2011

Concert #506 - Alela Diane at McCabe's Guitar Shop (May 9, 2009)

In my case, a trip from my home to McCabe's and back adds 102 miles to my odometer, which is just another way of saying that I have to make my concert choices carefully. So what made me want to see Alela Diane? Well, it was primarily her "Pirate's Gospel" song and not much else, because I didn't know much else. In other words, I took a chance and ended up going home pretty much empty handed, so to speak.

The show opened with Mariee Sioux, who turned out to be an utter sleeper, essentially one long boring song after another, all sounding the same. Alela's set was definitely better. I liked her voice, but I had a problem with her repertoire, mostly self-penned songs, which lacked inventiveness and variety. And in the end, there was no "Pirate's Gospel", her best known song, which only added to my overall feeling of disappointment. 

Alela was accompanied by a guitarist named Tom Menig, who turned out to be her father. A very young-looking father, who sounded good, too. All-in-all, it was a so-so evening at best, an opinion shared by my friend Steve as well.

Alela Diane with Tom Menig, her father

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