November 17, 2011

Concert #479 - Eric Andersen at McCabe's Guitar Shop (September 27, 2008)

This was my first time to see Eric Andersen in concert as a headliner. I went to McCabe's with an out-of-town friend whom I really wanted to impress with a great performance at my favorite venue. Long story short, we both went home quite disappointed.

The fact that we idolize many of our favorite musicians does not prevent them from catching colds or being indisposed, for whatever reason, just like you and I. On that night, Eric was definitely not well - he didn't look good, had no energy, no spark and definitely no voice. His compositions weren't bad, but there's nothing else positive that I can say about his concert.

In a nut-shell, I witnessed a subpar performance at a venue where subpar performances are a rarity. Would I want to see Eric again? Probably not, but my respect for Eric as a songwriter has remained intact, which explains why I still find myself listening to his music quite often.

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