April 15, 2012

Concert #631 - Tom Russell, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Jimmie Dale Gilmore and Jon Langford at McCabe's Guitar Shop (April 14, 2012)

This concert was the first event of the "2012 Portland Rose" train trip from Los Angeles to Portland, Oregon, and back. Such musical journeys are a bit too expensive for my taste, but I was more than happy to shell out $40 to catch the participating artists performing live at McCabe's last night, as part of the trip's kickoff show. It turned out it was money well spent.

The format of the concert was just as I predicted: Tom, Jimmie, Ramblin' Jack and Jon took turns to perform their own songs, with Thad Beckman (guitar) and Randy Franklin (mandolin) providing instrumental backup. Tom Russell took the stage first, then one by one, he introduced the other three. Then the music started. Here are  the songs of the first round:
  • Tom Russell: "Nina Simone"
  • Ramblin' Jack Elliott: "Riding In My Car (Car Song)"
  • Jimmie Dale Gilmore: "Tonight I Think I'm Gonna Go Downtown"
  • Jon Langford: "Pill Sailor"
Of the four musicians who performed last night, Jimmie Dale Gilmore was the only one I had not seen before. He was great. He made me thoroughly regret the times when I stayed away from his earlier appearances in the Los Angeles area and there haven't been too many of those. His rendition of Butch Hancock's "Just A Wave, Not The Water", was the best song of the evening and I loved everything else he sang, including his gorgeous "The Banks Of The Colorado".

Yours Truly & Jimmie Dale Gilmore after the concert

There were four rounds of songs, with the musicians performing in the sequence of their seating order. There was a lot of interaction between the musicians and plenty of fun stories were told, without anyone going overboard. Not even Ramblin' Jack!

Tom Russell sang "Who's Gonna Build Your Wall", "Blue Wing" and "Road To Nowhere". Ramblin' Jack delivered a somewhat sloppy version of "Don't Think Twice, It's Alright" that actually sounded great. I was dying to hear Jon Langford's fabulous "Nashville Radio", but no luck for me. Instead he played a newer song titled "1234 Ever" and one other number with a title I do not know. He sounded great, like he always does.

Woody Guthrie's "Hard Travelin'" was the one-song encore of the evening, with all on stage pitching in and I don't believe there was anyone in the room not to have loved every minute of the show. I know I did.
The stage ready for the show to begin
Tom, Jack, Jimmie and Jon finishing their last song
Jack, Jimmie and Jon thanking the audience
Tom Russell & Ramblin' Jack Elliott after the encore
Ramblin' Jack Elliott at the merch table
Tom Russell and Jimmie Dale Gilmore chatting with fans
Jon Langford chatting with a fan
Two legends: Albert Lee and Ramblin' Jack Elliott meeting after the show
My friend Paul buying a few more concert tickets

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  1. Nice review and photos. Thanks for sharing this! Wish I could have been there, but I'm looking forward to Tom Russell's concert in El Paso on Saturday!