August 11, 2012

Concerts #437, 449 - Girlyman at McCabe's Guitar Shop ( April 22, 2007 - October 13, 2007)

Today, Girlyman is a quartet of some renown, but back in 2007 they were a little-known trio that could be best described as multi-gender, multi-ethnic and most certainly multi-talented. When they were first booked to play McCabe's in early 2007, I checked them out on the Internet, liked what I heard, so not only that I grabbed a ticket for myself, but I also talked two good friends, Ralph and Laura, into joining me. We all went home happy. So happy that later that year we caught them in action once again, also at McCabe's.

Featuring three distinct voices and three distinct personalities, Girlyman can entertain on multiple levels. Their style is hard to categorize, but the "folk-rock" label probably suits them best. Here's their 2007 lineup:

Ty Greenstein - Vocals, string instruments, percussion
Doris Muramatsu - Vocals, string instruments
Nate Borofsky - Vocals, guitar
With lots of humor, great vocal harmonies and surprisingly good songwriting, Girlyman won me over in no time. One does not often get to hear songs as good as "Kittery Tide", "On The Air" and "Amaze Me" and who else but the zany Nate Borofsky would think of singing "Rock Me Amadeus" in German?
Singer-songwriter Chris Pureka opened the April 2007 show and I must admit that her music did not touch me at all. On the other hand, my friends Ralph and Laura turned into huge Pureka fans, as they heard something there that obviously eluded me.

Chris Pureka
Five years after my introduction to Girlyman, I still listen to them quite often and I look forward to their next concert in the area, preferably at McCabe's.

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