May 18, 2016

Concert #398 - Jon Langford at McCabe's Guitar Shop (April 8, 2006)


This was my first-ever encounter with Jon Langford, the supremely talented Brit who first impressed me in the mid-eighties, when he was with the Mekons. I went to the show with my friends Michael and Nicole.

To our surprise, Jon came out with a band that included not one, but two alumni of his former band: Sally Timms, the outstanding female voice of the Mekons and Rico Bell, an accomplished singer and multi-instrumentalist in his own right. 

Jon Langford - guitar, vocals
Sally Timms - vocals, ukulele
Jean Cook - violin, vocals
Rico Bell - accordion, vocals
Dan Massey - cardboard box
Tony Maimone - bass

Anything Can Happen
Tom Jones Levitation
I Picked Up The Pieces
Hell's Roof
Buy It Now
Broken Bottle
Gold Brick
All Roads Lead Back To Me
Drunk By Noon & Dreams Of Leaving
The Rose From Your Garden
Pill Sailor
It's Not Enough
Mersey Song
Nashville Radio
Sentimental Marching Song
Wild And Blue
Memphis, Egypt 

The evening's best songs were "Nashville Radio" and "Pill Sailor". Jean Cook's contribution must also be mentioned.


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