August 10, 2018

Concert #838 - Mary Poppins at the Morgan-Wixson Theater (July 21, 2018)

Once a year, my Better Half and I host Sara and Kate, our two Seattle-based granddaughters. While scouring the net in search of some suitable form of entertainment, I stumbled upon what appeared to be a low-budget and most likely amateurish stage production of Mary Poppins. Good enough for my six and seven year old young ladies, I said to myself, so I bought four tickets, which - at $28 each - set us back a little over one hundred bucks. Was it money well spent? Read on!

Not in my wildest dreams could I have imagined what was in store for us. From our front-row seats, we witnessed an incredible performance with excellent singing, outstanding acting, dazzling dancing and, overall, lots of pace, color and professionalism - take it from someone who has seen both the Broadway and Los Angeles production of the same musical. From Mary, Bert and the Banks, to the Bird Woman and Miss Andrew, everyone on stage was practically perfect in every way! Mesmerized by the show, our granddaughters remained focused way past their normal attention span and they celebrated with enthusiasm the demise of the terrifying Miss Andrew and her Brimstone and Treacle potion. And just like the rest of, Sara and Kate absolutely loved Sadie Fisher and Ethan Kuwata, whose performance as the Banks children was exceptionally good.

Mary Poppins at the Morgan-Wixson Theater
L to R: Ethan Kuwata, Philip McBride, Sadie Fisher, Amanda Greig

Main roles
Mary Poppins: Amanda Greig
Bert: Philip McBride
George Banks: Spencer Johnson
Winifred Banks: Eileen O’Donnell
Jane: Sadie Fisher
Michael: Ethan Kuwata
Bird Woman: Kelly Gable
Miss Andrew: Kim Peterson

There's nothing like going to a show with low expectations, only to be knocked out by the performance and that was precisely our experience at Santa Monica's Morgan-Wixson Theater. It is obvious that talent is not in short supply in Los Angeles and vicinity!

Amanda Greig as Mary Poppins
Image result for Mary Poppins at the Morgan-Wixson Theater
Philip McBride, Amanda Greig & the Living Statues
Mary Poppins at the Morgan-Wixson Theater
The chimney sweeps
The end of the show
Kate (left) and Sara at the Morgan-Wixson Theater

Santa Monica's Morgan-Wixson Theater

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