February 19, 2011

Concert #569 - Jon Langford at McCabe's Guitar Shop (September 25, 2010)

Jon Langford is one of the music industry's hidden treasures. Now an American citizen living in Chicago, ex-Welshman Langford's music is hard to classify, as it mixes folk, country, rock and punk rock, all blended into something new and different, something powerful and edgy.

This was my second time to see him. I went to the concert by myself and sat in the front row. Jon came out with violinist Jean Cook, then later they were joined by long-time partner Rico Bell. Together, they put on a great show that included both old and new songs, plus plenty of humor, delivered with Jon's wonderful accent. The highlight of the show was "Nashville Radio", a song I can't get enough of.

Here's a live version of "Nashville Radio", featuring Jon and Jean:

After the show, Jon signed autographs and chatted with his fans. When he signed my newly bought CD, I thanked him for having facilitated my introduction to the wonderful artists of the Bloodshot Records label.

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