February 19, 2011

Concert #584 - Doug MacLeod at McCabe's Guitar Shop (February 18, 2011)

It took me close to two hours to get to McCabe's, as rain made Friday night's traffic a lot worse than it typically is. I got there late, after they opened the door, but somehow I managed to still find a seat in the front row.

The show was opened by Lawrence Lebo, who - in spite of her name - is female. She came out with husband Denny Croy (bass) and was later joined by Phil Parlapiano (accordion) and a guitar player whose name I didn't catch. Lawrence is a good singer, has an interesting repertoire, but there was one huge problem: she just couldn't stop singing. She went on for seventy minutes, as if she were the headliner. Needless to say, I was ready to pull the plug after 35 minutes, but there was no plug to pull ...

It was my third time to see Doug MacLeod live in concert and I don't think I'm done - he is that good. Accompanied by bassist Denny Croy, he put on a very entertaining and engaging show, even though I did not know too many of his songs. But it didn't matter - Doug sang nothing but good songs, most of them with short introductory stories that were heart-warming and humorous.

Here's "Brand New Day", live in Holland:

Lawrence Lebo

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