March 23, 2011

Concert #525 - Catie Curtis at McCabe's Guitar Shop (October 24, 2009)

As I write this, a year and a half after the concert, I'm struggling to remember anything of substance about the show. Well, I remember that Catie had a full-time helper in the person of Meghan Toohey, a multi-instrumentalist who also sang backup vocals. I'm almost sure that Catie sang Richard Thompson's "Walking On A Wire", but that's about all I can surmise.

Catie's show was OK, but nothing more. There wasn't much variety there, nor anything truly powerful that would stick with you for a long time. After the show, I remember telling Steve M. that I wasn't sorry for having driven 102 miles to see Catie, but as far as I was concerned, a repeat performance was unlikely.

Concert poster

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