March 12, 2011

Concert #585 - Marshall Crenshaw at McCabe's Guitar Shop (March 11, 2011)

Every so often I feel like seeing someone whom I don't really know, musically speaking. What attracted me to Marshall Crenshaw's concert was not only his "cult favorite" status, but also my perception that in him I could quite possibly discover yet another "hidden gem" of the music business, someone whose body of work would be fun to explore. Well, it didn't happen.

From my point of view, this concert had few high points, and it wasn't just because of my runny nose. Simply put, Marshall Crenshaw's sense of melody did not get along with mine. Some of his songs were better than others, but none knocked me out. "Someday Someway" and "Cynical Girl" were among the better ones. He also sang "Sunday Blues", "Marry Anne", "You Are My Favorite Waste Of Time", plus a few songs from Jaggedland, his most recent album.

Marshall used two guitars and played the whole set seated. He talked briefly about Trini Lopez and his idiosyncratic shouts of "Here we go" and "Everybody". The highlight of the show was the last song of the encore, "If I Had A Hammer", delivered pretty much like Trini Lopez's version from the early 60s. This was the second cover song of the evening, the other one was Buddy Holly's"Crying, Waiting, Hoping".

Marshall Crenshaw singing "If I Had A Hammer"

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