March 12, 2011

Concert #542 - Al Stewart at McCabe's Guitar Shop (February 13, 2010)

This was my fifth time to see Al Stewart in concert and I'm not done. In his mid 60s, Al still sounds great and is thoroughly entertaining.

Assisted by guitar virtuoso Dave Nachmanoff and multi-instrumentalist Marc Macisso, Al Stewart outdid himself with an outstanding show full of humor, bits of presidential history and great music. Al is not one to turn his back on his past, so along with his newer material, we also got to hear some of his gems from the seventies, among them "Year Of The Cat", "Time Passages" and "On The Border". These are all songs with richly-orchestrated originals and to their credit, this trio of musicians - Al, Dave and Marc - managed to recreate the "feel" of the originals to a great extent. I recall two other songs they played that night: "Antarctica"
and "Night Train To Munich".

From L to R: Dave Nachmanoff, Al Stewart and Marc Macisso at McCabe's

Here's Al and Dave playing "Year Of The Cat", "Time Passages" and "On The Border":

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