November 25, 2011

Concert #474 - Blame Sally at McCabe's Guitar Shop (July 25, 2008)

I first heard of Blame Sally when their name appeared in McCabe's' concert listing for July 2008 and I immediately went into a research mode that ended with the purchase of a single ticket for the show.

The crowd was predominantly female and middle-aged, possibly because Blame Sally is exclusively female and middle-aged.

Blame Sally
Pam Delgado (percussion, vocals)
Renee Harcourt (guitar, bass, vocals)
Jeri Jones (guitar, bass, vocals) 
Monica Pasqual (piano, accordion, vocals)

Their show was quite good - the four ladies sang well, played their instruments with skill and were often humorous. I suppose they wrote most of the songs they played, if not all. I went home happy, even though the show fell just a tad short of a knock-out. Here's a YouTube video showing Blame Sally in action, looking and sounding pretty much the way I remember them from McCabe's:

 The show was opened by Austin-based singer-songwriter Matt The Electrician, who did not leave a lasting impression.

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