July 8, 2012

Concert #644 - Albert Lee at McCabe's Guitar Shop (July 6, 2012)

This was my second time to see the great Albert Lee in concert, both times at McCabe's. Musically speaking, the two concerts were nearly identical, yet I enjoyed the second show a whole lot more, thanks to the relocation of Albert's keyboards from the front of the stage to the side. The folks at McCabe's deserve kudos for having made the change and Albert himself deserves some credit, I'm sure.

Just like in January, Albert Lee came out with Will McGregor (bass), JT Thomas (keys) and Jason Smith (drums) and just like in January, they sounded great together. Unlike in January, Albert's daughter Alexandra did not make an appearance.

Compared to the January show, there was only one minor set list change, the result of Alexandra's absence. Albert's selection and sequencing of songs was exceptionally good, with up-tempo numbers dominating the evening. With two exceptions, we heard nothing but American songs, many of them from the 1950s and 60s. The two exceptions were Paul Kennerley's "Spellbound" and Albert's own "Country Boy". By the way, Paul Kennerley was Emmylou Harris' third husband, they were married from 1985 to 1993.

1. I'm Ready (Fats Domino)
2. Two Steps Too (Delbert McClinton)
3. Wheels (Gram Parsons)
4. Evangelina (Hoyt Axton)
5. Restless (Carl Perkins)
6. Dreaming As One (Richie Havens)
7. Runaway Train (John Stewart)
8. Luxury Liner (Gram Parsons/Emmylou Harris)
9. Spellbound (Paul Kennerley)
10. No One Can Make My Sunshine Smile (Everly Brothers)
11. Leave My Woman Alone (Ray Charles)
12. Highwayman (Johnny Cash)
13. 'Til I Gain Control Again (Rodney Crowell)
14. Rad Gumbo (Little Feat)
15. Country Boy (co-written by Albert Lee)
16. Julie's House (Leo Kottke)
17. Tear It Up (Johnny Burnette)

Albert Lee playing at McCabe's
Albert was in good vocal form and played his guitar like only he can. He did not talk a lot, but whatever he said was informative and to the point. Eric Clapton, Bill Wyman, Emmylou Harris and the Everly Brothers were all mentioned in a humble and appreciative way. 

Albert Lee singing
Albert Lee giving the McCabe's crowd a hand
Albert Lee saying goodbye
The stage
Albert Lee gear
Albert Lee signing autographs after the show


  1. Great review Gabe - love the details you put with the photos. I hope you don't mind me putting a bit from your blog (with link to here) on my website (www.albertleeguitarist)? Thanks so much for this....and I'm glad you got a good view this time - goes to show your constructive comment last time was appreciated, as are your great blogs. Thanks

  2. Hello algweb, thanks for your kind words. You are more than welcome to take anything you want from my blog. Or link to it, if you wish.