September 20, 2012

Concert #446 - Tift Merritt at McCabe's Guitar Shop (August 4, 2007)

Five years after Tift Merritt's concert at McCabe's, the strongest recollection I have of the event is of a non-musical nature: I can still hear her repeated apologies for having played the piano almost completely hidden from the crowd. But her part-time invisibility did not bother me much, as she sang plenty of songs while standing at the center of the stage, right there in everyone's full view.

Musically speaking, the concert was good, but not unforgettable. At the time of the show, I could name only one of her songs, the outstanding "Good Hearted Man", and needless to say, my unfamiliarity with Tift's material did not help matters.

Here's a partial set list, as posted by a fan at Some of the titles may not be 100% correct.

Wanna Go (Another Country)
Something To Me
I Know What I'm Looking For Now
Supposed To Make You Happy
Stray Paper
Aint Looking Closely
Keep You Happy
Good Hearted Man (the best songs of the evening, to these ears)
Hopes Too High
My Heart Is Free
Hard Feelin
Morning Is My Destination
Still Pretending
Tender Branch Is Gonna Fall

The songs she sang were good, her voice was fine and so was her band, but I went home without humming any newly heard hooks. Since then I have stayed in touch with Tift's new material and I will continue to do so.

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