April 5, 2014

Concert #64 - Oingo Boingo at the Universal Amphitheater (July 1, 1990)

In a typical case of "better late than never", I joined the legion of Oingo Boingo fans in 1989, mostly at the urging of my friend Scott. I was an avid KROQ listener during those times, and unavoidably, the band's often-played infectious songs were bound to hit me, sooner or later. Quite appropriately, I went to my first, and sadly last, Oingo Boingo concert with Scott, along with Odette, his Better Half.

Danny Elfman and his band managed the improbable feat of selling out four shows on four consecutive nights at the Universal Amphitheater. That's about 25,000 tickets sold in a city that offers plenty of other great things to do at any given time. I caught the first show.

Driven by the band's distinctive music, the fans responded with enthusiasm. With distinctive songs such as "Dead Man's Party", "Grey Matter" and "Only A Lad", Danny Elfman & Co kept the place rocking for two and a half hours. Overall, it was an interesting experience.

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