November 14, 2015

Concert #759 - Jackshit at McCabe's Guitar Shop (October 30, 2015)

We are spoiled rotten out here in Los Angeles. When unannounced guest Jackson Browne took the stage two Fridays ago at McCabe's, most of us rolled our eyes and said "Oh no, not him again!". Then we sat back, relaxed a bit and witnessed yet another thoroughly enjoyable performance of a musical legend who quite often shows up at McCabe's to play with Jackshit, the phenomenal band (actually a side project), that is much loved by everyone lucky enough to have been exposed to their live shows. Jackson was supposed to sing only three songs, but he felt good and, at guitarist Val McCallum's urging,  he stayed on for three additional song and they all sounded great: "Yabba Dabba Do", "Shakey Town", "Redneck Friend", "Call It A Loan", "Take It Easy" and "Our Lady Of The Well".

Val McCallum (left) and Jackson Browne having fun at McCabe's
Val McCallum (left) and Jackson Browne at McCabe's
Jackson Browne was not the evening's only guest - introduced as the Soul Shake, Pammy Armstrong and Jimmy Faragher delivered an exceptionally dynamic mini-set consisting of "Shame, Shame, Shame" and "Soul Shake", complete with great vocals and provocative dance moves, it was a blast. The former song was an international hit for Shirley & Company in the mid seventies, while the latter was a US hit for Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson in the late sixties. By the way, Pammy and Jimmy are Shorty Shit's siblings.

The Soul Shake, a.k.a. Pammy Armstrong and Jimmy Faragher
The band's set list was a fluid affair, with quite a few detours from the printed list. The band tried out a few new songs, the one I liked the best was Lee Hazlewood's gorgeous "Sundown, Sundown", where the Boys from Cochtotan took some poetic license with the lyrics and sang "Beau Shit, I love you Beau Shit" in lieu of Lee's original "Sundown, I miss you sundown".

The set list
The Shit Horns also made an appearance, this time as a trio. It took me some time to get the information, but finally I can post the names of two of these fine trumpet players who always add color to Jackshit's concerts: Sarah Kramer, who can play the trumpet and laugh her head off all at the same time, and Darrell Leonard, who played with a mask on his face.
The Shit Horns
 For their encore, the band played their version of "Ugly And Slouchy", which of course turned into an exhilarating rock & roll medley that brought everyone to their feet - what a way to cap a fabulous evening! The band played for over two hours, it was one of their longest sets and we all went home completely satisfied. Can't wait to see them again.

Jackshit with guest Jackson Browne at McCabe's
Davey Faragher, a.k.a. Shorty Shit
Concert Director Lincoln Myerson announcing the band's Halloween show
Davey Faragher and Val Mc Callum after the show
Pete Thomas with my friend Steve
Val's guitars and Pete's drums
My autographed CD

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