July 10, 2016

Concert #781 - The Dustbowl Revival at the Levitt Pavilion (July 2, 2016)

This was my 12th time to see the Dustbowl Revival live in concert and it took me just a little over four years to reach this mark. The concert took place at the Levitt Pavilion in Pasadena and I'm estimating that more than one thousand people showed up to see the revivalists. While most people watched the show without disturbing others, the same cannot be said about the group sitting right next to me and, with the place being filled to capacity and beyond, my Beter Half and I had nowhere else to go.

Zach Lupetin (vocals, guitar)
Liz Beebe (vocals, washboard)
Daniel Mark (mandolin)
Connor Vance (violin)
Matt Rubin (trumpet)
Ulf Bjorlin (trombone)
James Klopfleisch (upright bass)
Josh Heffernan (drums)

The Dustbowl Revival at the Levitt Pavilion
The band was in great form, but then what else is new? While their repertoire is a constantly evolving affair, their top-notch musicianship is always there and so is the infectious fun they exude. But I won't get into any more details, as this concert was not radically different from the other eleven shows I have reviewed elsewhere in this blog.

Ballad Of The Bellhop
John The Revelator
Old Joe Clark
Feels Good
I Decided
Honey I Love You
Cripple Creek
The Fire
Lulu (?)
Hey Baby
I Don't Drink Anymore
Riverboat Queen
Whiskey In The Well
So Far Away
Lampshade On

Zach Lupetin & Daniel Mark at the Levitt Pavilion
Ulf Bjorlin & Matt Rubin at the Levitt Pavilion
Daniel Mark & Connor Vance at the Levitt Pavilion
Zach Lupetin & Liz Beebe at the Levitt Pavilion
Josh Heffernan at the Levitt Pavilion
Zach Lupetin & Liz Beebe at the Levitt Pavilion
Performing on a small side stage that is reserved for emerging young musicians, Bones Muhroni delivered a surprisingly good set that was inventive, energetic and not at all derivative. These guys have talent, no doubt.

Bones Muhroni, the evening's opening act
The stage

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