May 13, 2017

Concert #799 - Peter Himmelman at McCabe's Guitar Shop (April 23, 2017)

I have a confession to make: I suffer of an incurable mental condition called Himmelmania. My first symptoms appeared in the summer of 1993, when KCRW, Santa Monica's much-respected radio station, played Peter Himmelman's "Impermanent Things" - the song hit me so hard, that I ran straight to the nearest record store to buy "From Strength To Strength", Peter's then-current album and. I've been a himmelmaniac ever since.

A few weeks back I went to McCabe's to see Peter in concert for the twenty-second time, a clear sign that the passage of time has not diminished my interest in his music. Overall, the concert did not disappoint. I enjoyed everything Peter sang and said and I was particularly happy to see that his ad-libbing skills remained as strong as ever. I had a good laugh listening to his soulful, albeit brief, version of Prince's "Soft And Wet", followed by "Fireman" and "Baby Let Me Be Your Cigarette", Peter's own and most decidedly humorous attempts to write songs in the same vein.

Peter Himmelman at McCabe's
Peter's set included many old favorites, among them "Mission Of My Soul", "Measure", and "Seven Circles", but also quite a few newer songs - the one I liked the best was the uptempo "In The Hour Of Ebbing Light".

Seeing Peter's evolution as a singer-songwriter over the decades has been a joyful ride that is still ongoing.
Peter Himmelman at McCabe's
Peter Himmelman with a fan at McCabe's
The set list
The stage

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