April 28, 2011

Concert #511 - Graham Parker at McCabe's Guitar Shop (May 29, 2009)

I have never been one of Graham Parker's true fans, but it's hard to be an avid music listener without hearing his songs, sooner or later. A few of them - "Bad Chardonnay" and "The Madness Of Love", the Richard Thompson composition - had been on heavy rotation on my iPod, so just before the show sold out, I jumped on the bandwagon and got myself a ticket to see him live at McCabe's. I sat in the front row.

The show was OK, but not great - Graham did well, but simply put, there were just too many songs I didn't know - all of them, to be precise. There were plenty of connoisseurs around me, so at times I felt a bit out of place there.

The show was opened by Tom Freund, he was OK, but for me it was yet more songs I didn't know ...

Tom Freund 

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