February 6, 2014

Concert #289 - Marianne Faithfull at UCLA's Royce Hall (December 1, 2002)

Lady Luck was definitely on my side when I managed to grab a front row center seat to see the great Marianne Faithfull in concert. I showed up at the venue expecting a world-class performance and Marianne did not disappoint.

Yes, her voice will never be mistaken for that of a coloratura soprano, but few voices are as credible and as expressive as Marianne's. Throw in her mesmerizing stage presence, and what you get is a unique artist with an irresistible draw that one can physically feel, no exaggeration.

Partial set list
(songs marked * are from "Kissin' Time", her then-current album)
I'm Into Something Good*
I'm On Fire*
Like Being Born*
Song For Nico*
Kissin' Time* 
The King At Night
Why Do Ya Do It?
Falling From Grace
Working Class Hero
Broken English
Sliding Through Life On Charm*
Strange Weather (with Bill Frisell on guitar)
The Eyes Of Lucy Jordan

The songs from "Kissin' Time" were good,  but the evenings biggest thrills came from the cabaret-style delivery of her older songs, among which "The Eyes Of Lucy Jordan" stood out.

Band Line-up
Brian McFie (guitar)
Andy May (keyboard)
John Boyle (drums)
Garry John Kane (bass)

All-in-all, I had a great time, and how could I have not? From my dream seat, just a few feet away from Marianne, the whole concert felt like a private performance that was staged just for me. The whole time I did not see, nor hear anything but Marianne. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

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