March 31, 2011

Concert #521 - Iris DeMent at McCabe's Guitar Shop (September 25, 2009)

Iris DeMent's concert at McCabe's sold out weeks before the show, not unexpectedly - she had not appeared there since 1993 - so I went there with high expectations.

I walked into the concert room and I froze: the world's largest baby grand piano was sitting on McCabe's' tiny stage. How they managed to put it there, I will never know. But there was nothing grand about the show proper, I'm sad to say.

Iris sang most of her songs while accompanying herself on the piano and to me, they all sounded just about the same: same voice, same rhythm, same everything. She appeared to be somewhat lethargic, almost uninterested. Things got a lot more interesting when she picked up the guitar, but that was only for three or four songs, then back to the piano. There were a few songs I knew, among them "My Life".

Overall, it was a disappointing evening. My friend Steve M, also in the audience, had similar comments, a clear indication that it wasn't just me.

There was no opening act, nor any guests.

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