November 9, 2018

Concert #816 - Vonda Shepard at McCabe's Guitar Shop (December 9, 2017)

This is a brief write-up on a concert that I attended in December 2017.

I went to the show with two Canadian friends who were visiting us. I was hoping to offer them a top-notch concert at my favorite venue, but things did not work out quite the way I wanted. First, Vonda may have been a bit under the weather, so she did not have a good vocal day. Then there was her set list. While I absolutely love the way Vonda covers other people's songs, I have always had a harder time embracing her original music and, in that respect, my hopes of hearing one cover after another were not fulfilled

Vonda came out with an outstanding band consisting of Andrew Raiher (guitar), Jim Hanson (bass) and Fritz Lewak (drums). Later in the show, Vonda invited to stage three other musical guests: guitar ace Val McCallum, bassist/vocalist Davey Faragher and keyboardist Jeff Young. They were all good.

My guests liked the show and that is what really mattered.

Vonda Shepard & Jim Hanson at McCabe's
Vonda Shepard at McCabe's
Val McCallum at McCabe's
Davey Faragher & Fritz Lewak at McCabe's
The set list - Page 1
The set list - Page 2
L to R: Jim, Andrew, Fritz, Vonda, Jeff & Val after the show
Vonda Shepard merchandise


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