November 8, 2018

Concert #831 - Shelby Lynne at McCabe's Guitar Shop (June 8, 2018)

This was my third time to see Shelby Lynne in a headlining role. This time she came out with string virtuoso Ben Peeler and together they put on a good show that had only one fault, albeit a glaring one: no Dusty Springfield covers. If you are like me, you enjoy Shelby Lynne's recordings, but none as much as her 2008 album, "Just A Little Lovin'", which consists of nothing but gorgeous Dusty Springfield covers. Still, Shelby performed many of her better-known songs, so I shouldn't be complaining - just listening to her beautiful voice and singing style in the intimate concert room of my favorite venue amounted to a great evening.

Shelby Lynne at McCabe's
Shelby Lynne at McCabe's
Ben Peeler at McCabe's
The end of the show
The set list

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