November 4, 2018

Concert #848 - Ruthie Foster at McCabe's Guitar Shop (October 27, 2018)


This was my fourth time to see Ruthie Foster in concert. I was accompanied by my guest, Mary Jo, a newbie when it came to Ruthie's music. We both loved the show and went home absolutely elated. 

The nation may not know it, but Ruthie is a National Treasure. I'm not exaggerating, she is something to behold. Catch her the next time she plays somewhere near you and I guarantee that you will discover an artist of the highest caliber who delivers old-school music with passion. Moreover, you will be charmed by her warm and humble personality and infectious smile. 

In terms of her set list, as well as the quality of her performance, this show was not unlike her last two appearances at McCabe's, so rather than write a very similar review, I will end this write-up by referring you back to what I wrote in 2013 and 2017:

The following photos were taken last Saturday, October 27, 2018.

Ruthie Foster at McCabe's
Ruthie Foster at McCabe's
Ruthie Foster at McCabe's
Ruthie Foster at McCabe's
The set list
Concert Director Brian Rodriguez introducing Ruthie Foster
The stage
Mary Jo, my concert guest and newest Ruthie Foster fan

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