January 8, 2011

Concert #11 - Tangerine Dream at the Universal Amphitheatre (June 5, 1986)

My first show of many at the now-renamed Universal Amphitheatre. In preparation for the show, I had been listening in my car to a cassette tape of two Tangerine Dream albums, yet the show was a massive surprise.

I sat at the balcony in the front row, a great vintage point for a highly visual production that involved much more than just the stage. With laser lights shooting from everywhere, with countless visual special effects, not to mention the out-of-this-world sounds, the show has left a lasting impression on me. And all that rich audio and video display was accomplished by two musicians only, who sat practically motionless in front of their oversized high-tech gear, as if they were not part of the show.

On the minus side, the show has had a negative side effect: just listening to Tangerine Dream's music is an underwhelming experience now.

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  1. Amen about the negative side effect. I was at that show, on the floor, stage right some. Amazing they didn't speak.