January 3, 2011

Concert #4 - Ella Fitzgerald at the Bridges Auditorium (1982)

Had somebody told me just a few years earlier that one day I'd be seeing The First Lady Of Song live in concert, I would have sent them to a shrink to have their heads examined. But it happened.

Accompanied by the Paul Smith Trio, Ella put on a great show at the Bridges Auditorium in Claremont. At 65, she was still a mesmerizing singer who kept us fully engaged during the entire show. At one point, she brought out Joe Pass, yet another legendary jazz musician and long-time collaborator. Almost thirty years later, I cannot recall any particular song performed that night.

Ella turned out to be one of the very few jazz artists I've seen in concert. She passed away in 1996, after ten years of continuing bad health.

Joe Pass

Bridges Auditorium in Claremont, California

Here's a video featuring both Ella and Joe:

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