March 19, 2011

Concert #527 - Chip Taylor at McCabe's Guitar Shop (October 30, 2009)

Initially announced as a Chip Taylor-Kendel Carson double-bill, the evening started with a huge disappointment: Kendel had fallen ill and was unable to appear. Bummer ... but in the end, things worked out fine, thanks to Chip and his outstanding supporting cast, which included John Platania, best known as Van Morrison's lead guitarist, session-man-extraordinaire Greg Leisz and, last but not least, brother Jon Voight.

Jon sat in the audience, just like the rest of us, and took the stage twice, at the invitation of little brother Chip. Together, they sang Chip's first-ever song, "Faded Blue", a sad puppy-love song. The highlight of the show was Jon's pompously declamatory delivery of "Wild Thing" - we all laughed at the contrast between the hollow lyrics of the song and Jon's over-the-top interpretation.

Brothers Chip Taylor and Jon Voight at McCabe's
Chip played many songs from his then-current album, "Yonkers, NY". Most of these songs came with a story, and that may have been the show's only fault: there were too many long stories. But the songs were good, especially "Bastard Brothers", "Charcoal Sky" and "Hey Johnny, Did You Feel That Movie".

Chip's band was top-notch. I absolutely adored John Platania's guitar and Greg Leisz was great, too. I can't wait to see them again, hopefully with Kendel Carson.

John Platania

Chip Taylor on the stage, after the show
Right there at McCabe's, I bought Chip's "Yonkers, NY" CD, a beautifully designed small book that came with two CDs, selling for a paltry $10. The first CD has all the songs, complete with the aforementioned stories, narrated by Chip himself. The second CD has nothing but the songs, no narratives, and is a good one. John Platania, Greg Leisz and Kendel Carson are playing on all tracks,

Watch this HD video that, in addition to Chip Taylor, features John Platania and Kendel Carson as well:


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