January 13, 2011

Concert #22 - John Fogerty at the Universal Amphitheater (December 13, 1986)

Possessing one of the most recognized voices in the Universe, John Fogerty had just released his "Eye Of The Zombie" album and was touring in support of it. He drew a good size crowd, the concert wasn't bad, but going home without having heard a single Creedence song was disappointing. On the other hand, we all knew why he wouldn't touch his old Creedence gems, so it wasn't the end of the world either. "Change In The Weather" could have passed as a good CCR song, but the rest of the Zombie album was average at best. From the "Centerfield" album, Fogerty played the title track and a few other songs. He also sang a few obscure gospel songs.

Bruce Hornsby & The Range opened the show. One could tell how much he enjoyed one of his first opportunities to play in front of a large crowd. The highlight of his set was "The Way It Is", as expected. None of his other songs came even close.

I sat at the Mezzanine, a bit to the left, actually not a bad seat for a concert. I still remember the guy sitting next to me saying "Right On, John", every time John would say something deep.

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