January 10, 2011

Concert #18 - Peter, Paul & Mary at the Universal Amphitheater (September 20, 1986)

Huge favorites of mine, I went to the show with great expectations. I had bought the tickets over the phone from Ticketmaster, and somehow I was under the impression that we had "orchestra pit" seats. It turned out we had "orchestra" seats, along with four thousand other spectators ... to add to the disappointment, our seats were on the far left of the stage, so we didn't even had a good view of my heroes. 

The show was pretty much in line with what we had seen on those much-aired public television pledge drive specials. Peter, Paul & Mary sang some of their old standards, along with some new material. Again, 25 years after the show, I can't positively recall any specific songs played that night, but I still remember that overall it was a satisfying concert.

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