January 13, 2011

Concert #26 - Europe at the Wiltern (April 22, 1987)

As I was driving to the Wiltern, I was thinking that the best possible show opener would be "The Final Countdown", their catchy radio hit. There are other great minds out there, because - lo and behold - they kicked off the show with "The Final Countdown", complete with low-lying smoke and fancy lighting. Come to think of it, the whole show did not jibe well with the art deco style of the theater, but who cared?

Somewhat predictably, the show ended with the same song that started the proceedings. All in all, I had a good time on a night when I wasn't particularly interested in songs with redeeming social content.

I sat at the balcony, an excellent vantage point for a show there. There was no opening act.

1.The Final Countdown
2. Danger On the Track
3. Ninja
4. Carrie
5. Time Has Come
6. Dreamer (a capella)
7. Heart Of Stone
8. Seven Doors Hotel
9. Open Your Heart
10. Rock The Night
11. Dance The Night Away
12. The Final Countdown (encore)

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