January 30, 2011

Concert #576 - Cheryl Wheeler at McCabe's Guitar Shop (November 5, 2010)

I first saw Cheryl Wheeler back in 1999 and I liked her. Since then, she had been back at McCabe's many times, but until November 2010 I had not gone back to see her again. This time she had Jill Sobule as her opening act, and such a double bill was too good to resist.

My two favorite Jill Sobule songs are "Where Is Bobbie Gentry" and "A Good Life", so imagine my joy when Jill opened the show with these very songs. Her set was very good, full of humor and good songs.

Here's a 2009 live rendition of "A Good Life"

Cheryl Wheeler's show was as expected - good overall, but not the kind you wanna go back to see again and again. She's definitely a first-rate storytellers, full of wit and intelligence. Her stories were compelling, albeit a bit long, the songs were good and so was her singing and guitar playing. She spoke and sang about God, cats, same-sex marriage, Ghandi & Buddha, and her partner, as seen from the vantage point of a lesbian atheist. The crowd responded well to her show. Just like in 1999, she sang the "Potato" version of the "Mexican Hat Dance".

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