January 30, 2011

Concert #579 - Jackshit at McCabe's Guitar Shop (December 3, 2010)

My 20th time to see Jackshit live in concert as headliners. This was the first of two consecutive nights at McCabe's, both nights advertised as "Jackshit and Friends". I bought fourteen tickets for the show, a far cry from my previous record of twenty five tickets, but there were quite a few first-timers among the folks I brought with me.

The concert should have been called "Jackshit & Friend", where the "friend" turned out to be John Doe of X fame, also of the Knitters fame. He sang four good songs and was received very well by the crowd. Drummer Charlie "Ringo" Shit popped in for a number or two - he is remarkably good, in spite of his tender age of eight. Rightly so, the boys from Cochtotan believe that somethin' that ain't broke needs no fixin', so their set remained pretty much unchanged from their earlier concerts this year, and I have no problem with that - as long as Polly, the pretty one, shows up.

John Doe (right), with Beau watching

After the show, I bought a poster, which Beau, Shorty, Pete and Charlie all autographed. One day I'll frame it and hang it somewhere in the house.

Note the stylish shirt I'm wearing, bought directly from Cochtotan's General Store.

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