January 30, 2011

Concert #577 - Janiva Magness at McCabe's Guitar Shop (November 13, 2010)

Another perfect show at McCabe's, another perfect evening with Janiva Magness. This was her last concert of the year, delivered with the same energy and intensity as always. The show started with two blues numbers played by her fabulous band. With the crowd warmed up, Janiva took the stage and sang Nina Simone's "Feeling Good", from her most recent album, titled "The Devil Is An Angel Too". Before the show was over, she went through most songs from the album, which happens to be her best, in my opinion.

Janiva at McCabe's

Just like on previous occasions, Janiva did announced how old she was - obviously, she is proud of her age, and she should be - she sounds good, looks good and she gives it all when she's on stage.

The highlight of the show was, once again, Delbert McClinton's "You Were Never Mine", a song that Janiva has made her own.

A former foster child herself, Janiva spoke briefly about foster parenthood, a cause she is actively supporting.

Janiva's band was exceptionally good. Here's the full lineup:  

Zach Zunis (guitar)
Gary Davenport (bass)
Jim Alfredson (Hammond B3 and keys)
Matt Tecu (drums)

Zach Zunis
Janiva & Gary Davenport

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