January 16, 2011

Concert #30 - Bryan Adams at the Forum ( Aug 15, 1987)

"Reckless" is one of the best rock & roll album of the 1980s, with a bunch of catchy songs that were getting lots of air time on radio and MTV. Not unlike the Hooters, whose "Nervous Night" album also yielded a few great songs. So the pairing of these two acts promised a fun night at the Forum.

Bryan did not disappoint. He played "Run To You" and "It's Only Love", my favorite songs from "Reckless". He also did "Cuts Like A Knife" from an earlier album. Surprisingly, he brought out Steve Jones of the Sex Pistols fame. After the show, as I was leaving the parking lot, I nearly bumped into Steve, who had  just located his motorbike.

The Hooters were good, too. They sounded pretty much like their studio recordings.

Steve Jones

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