February 26, 2011

Concert #551 - Jackshit at McCabe's Guitar Shop (April 10, 2010)

In order to maintain my sanity, I require a minimum of two Jackshit concerts a year, which may puzzle those who don't know Jackshit (the band). Seriously now, Jackshit is a trio that puts on phenomenally good shows, both musically and otherwise. You may call them a side-project, as Jackshit brings together three top-tier musicians with well-established separate careers:

- Pete Thomas (Rock & Roll Hall Of Famer who has drummed for countless big names)
- Dave Faragher (one of Elvis Costello's Imposters and coveted session bassist)
- Val McCallum (lead guitarist for Sheryl Crow, Jackson Browne, Lucinda Williams, Gregg Allman and many others)

As you can tell, they earn their living by playing supporting roles and it's not hard to imagine the huge amount of frustration that builds up inside them while working for all those superstars. Now imagine all that frustration being unleashed when the stage is theirs and only theirs.

Once again I campaigned hard and managed to bring with me twenty-four friends. Everyone went home 100% happy.

The highlight of the evening actually came after the show, when I got to chat a little bit with Val:

Val McCallum (right) with yours truly
Here are a few more photos:
The set list (Pretty Polly made the list but wasn't played ...)

Jackshit gear
The Novaks

Rodica and Nick, first in line at McCabe's

Tony and Marcel

Canadian singer Tara Holloway was the guest of the evening, she sang "Ways To Be Wicked", one of her own songs, and the Beatles' "She's So Heavy". Tara is a decent singer, but had a bit too much fun on the stage - come to think of it, that was OK, as the whole show, like any other Jackshit show, had a casual air about it, more like buddies getting together to have a good time.

Watch this YouTube video showing Jackshit with guest Tara Holloway at McCabe's:

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