February 24, 2011

Concert #557 - Bonnie "Prince" Billy & The Cairo Gang at McCabe's Guitar Shop (May 8, 2010)

I first saw Bonnie "Prince" Billy at McCabe's 50th Anniversary Concert held at UCLA's Royce Hall in 2008. I liked him there and I made a mental note to see him as a headliner sometime in the future. Well, his headlining engagement at McCabe's wasn't as good as my introduction to him.

Bonnie "Prince" Billy had just released an album together with Emmett Kelly, a.k.a. "The Cairo Gang", and were touring the nation in support of their album. I went to the concert by myself and sat in the front row. They played a short set, just about an hour, and left somewhat unexpectedly, without a grand finale. Their three-song encore included "Easy Does It". I was rather unfamiliar with their material and there wasn't much there that caught my ear. Emmett is a good guitar player and a decent singer, and so is Bonnie "Prince" Billy, but again, their show was pretty flat, without any memorable highs. But in my mind, I can still see Bonnie's theatrical moves, jumps and gestures.

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