February 25, 2011

Concert #554 - Joey Ryan & Kenneth Pattengale at McCabe's Guitar Shop (April 24, 2010)

Joey Ryan and Kenneth Pattengale are two LA-based singer-songwriters who gained some credibility in my eyes simply because they got booked to play McCabe's. I went to the show without having done my homework, i.e. I couldn't hum any of their tunes, nor could I name a single song of theirs.

The show was OK for about fifteen minutes, after which it became monotonous and quite boring. Maybe I was expecting something else, maybe I was in the wrong mood - the bottom line was that I left the venue unimpressed. Their songs seemed to lack any punch, there was nothing there to grab me and keep my mind from wandering away. Individually taken, their songs were not bad, but if you put them all together, all you get is more and more of the same.

Here's a sample, recorded at the very same show I attended:

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