February 22, 2011

Concert #560 - Jim Lauderdale at McCabe's Guitar Shop (June 18, 2010)

Country and bluegrass artist Jim Lauderdale has two Grammys under his belt, receives great reviews from music critics, has written songs for countless others, has played with many of the biggest names in the music business, yet his show at McCabe's left me a bit disappointed. In a way, his live show was no better than his last few albums - a bit boring and without standout tracks.

Jim played a long solo set with many songs from "Patchwork River", "The Bluegrass Diaries" and "Head For The Hills". There were lots of stories in between songs, and yes, he dropped quite a few names. I was hoping to see some famous unannounced guests, but there were none.

Toward the end of the show, Jim acknowledged Pamela Des Barres' presence in the house. You know Pamela, she used to be the world's most famous rock & roll groupie, also the author of her best-selling memoirs, "I'm With The Band".

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