February 20, 2011

Concert #567 - The Spring Standards - Levitt On The Lawn Concerts (Scripps College) (September 3, 2010)

I had not heard of the Spring Standards before, but the show was free, the weather was nice, their YouTube videos looked OK and with the venue only three miles from my home, I had no excuse to stay home.

The Spring Standard kept me there for the entire concert. They are young, versatile, inventive and energetic, their show had plenty of good moments. They were good enough to make me want to give them my support, so I bought "Would Things Be Different", their then-current CD.

The concert was well-attended, the crowd consisted of mostly college kids. After the show I had the pleasure of meeting Suzanne Zetterberg, the concert organizer.
Announcers addressing the crowd just before the show

The Spring Standards live at the Scripps College

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